Odds Bodkins

A poem in homage to Aagonish by William Hughs

Today I saw things that I didn’t see,
was seen by things that couldn’t be,
became the things that I was not,
remembered that I just forgot
remembered that I just forgot

It wasn’t really what was not
that kept me push pinned to the spot,
what it was was not the thought,
the thing that I recalled forgot.

Something here that isn’t there
Something lurking in the air
Something crouching on the stair,
catching me within a glare

within a flash of futile fright
from epochs filled with starless light
from within a mind maligned
by something there I’ll never find

Will I ever move from there,
that thing there sitting on the stair,
with those eyes wide closing in
trapped with in begin again



3 thoughts on “Odds Bodkins

  1. Sweet! Perfectly Halloweeny (my favourite holiday).

    Fun factoid: Hughes’ piece Antigonish is about a haunted house in a village, named Antigonish, about 2hrs away from where I live. 🙂

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