It Gets Better

I do apologize for my absence these few months. I am hard at work chronicling Halfbake’s adventures, along with my daily toils, and a  project borne under the mantel of another muse (Word to Melpomene). Ah, but my blog gathers dust.

For that reason, and in honor of Pride Month, here is an acoustic piece I wrote after the Pulse Night Club tragedy.


Hey you, in the corner hiding lonely tears
Hey you, by the pulpit, hoping that he hears
Hey you, shoe laces undone,
wasn’t life easy before all the fun?

It gets better in time
This one moment won’t last forever

The pain will heal, and the fear will fade
and you’ll stand and hold your head up tall
and next to you I’ll stand, hand in hand
and next to me in hand another brother

You are not alone
You are not alone
You are not alone

Hey you in the bedroom, wondering if she knows
Hey you in the costume , regretting what you chose

Hey you in the mirror saying “Who do you think you are?”
Is there an answer or do you just stay silent?

It get’s better in time
Don’t let the moment rewind

Let it go, let it fall
and when the dust settles it all
you’ll still be standing tall

It get’s better, I know
I forgave them fifteen years ago


2 thoughts on “It Gets Better

  1. Well said (sung?). ❤

    Glad you're keeping busy, but happy to see a new post. 🙂

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